October 2018 Artist Meeting


October, 2018




The Bedrock Art Artists’ Meeting for October 2018 was held at Markanthony Studios in Hyde Park.

Kyle Sasser gave a talk about acquiring clients and people interested in your business and how to build and maintain that relationship.

One thing’s for certain, unlike the last meeting, no one broke out and ignited a blowtorch in this one.

Kyle Sasser, a Realtor with Keller Williams and one of the founders of Bedrock Art, gave an expert talk on how to make initial contact with, build, and maintain relationships with both current and potential clients.

He gave specifc ways to get people’s emails, names, and phone numbers, and why you would even want to in the first place!  Remember, you have to take the first step to build the relationship and make the business.  No one is going to beat down your door just because you’re an artist.

We hold our meetings every second Monday of the month.  Further details can be found on our Events page.