bedrock art

Tampa’s Foundation of Art
bedrock art is building a new home for Tampa Bay’s art community.  From live events,  artist assistance and business training, bedrock art‘s mission it to grow Tampa’s art community.


Our Three Pillars

By focusing on these three pillars, bedrock art is building a local community comprised of artists, art lovers, and art businesses.


Both online and in person marketplaces where artists can showcase and sell their works.

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Provide knowledge, training, mentorship, and community interaction to all manner of artists, from just picking up a brush to accomplished masters.

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Live Events

At various local markets and pop-up, with semi-annual and huge annual themed art events.

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Have you been wanting to make an impact, or looking for an art community to take part in?

We need everyone’s voice to make this work.

Sign up and take part in our webinars, panels, and online forums today.


See and be heard!

Art is made stronger by the community that it is forged in.  Help us bring Tampa’s art scene and community to the next level.  A level you can be proud to be a part of.